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Open Water Swimming

Each summer in Victoria, thousands of people of all ages take to the beaches around Port Phillip and Westernport bays and the ocean beaches to participate in the fantastic sport of Open Water Swimming.

For some, it's just a great way to combine their love of swimming and the freedom of swimming in the open water.

For others, it's what they train through the cold winter months for, swimming hundreds of kilometres up and down the pool.

And for some, they just love the excitement and atmosphere of the events.

Why not give it a try - there are shorter novice races at some of the events if you're not sure if you're ready for the full distance. Have a look at the Open Water Swim Calendar to find an event that suits you.

Training for Open Water Swims

If you're not sure if your swimming ability is up to the challenge, or want to improve from last year's results, come down to our training sessions with the Casey Seals Masters Swimming Club.

Your swimming will improve when training with us and you'll enjoy it much more than by yourself.

Alternatively, check out our list of training squads, groups and events around Melbourne and Geelong.

More information

The following pages on our website contain further information about open water swimming: